For the past several years, Gregg Boydston has been a Hotshot firefighter operating in the rugged backcountry of Northern California. Recently though, he’s decided to take a much-deserved break from fighting wildfires, and headed down south to San Diego.

Just about an hour north of the city, there’s Temecula — a quiet haven from the outside world. Early one morning, Gregg decided to pack up the truck and explore some local climbing spots near his new home.

Although Gregg is around climbers a lot, he says he doesn’t climb too much himself, preferring to stay behind the camera, “I don’t usually put my 230lb self on the side of a rock...just elbow deep in the ice chest.” — but with some coaxing from his friend Jon, the two have been learning the ropes and decided to put their new Cast Iron Shorts through the wringer. 

While they tackled a steep route together, Jon says he gained a new appreciation for the gusseted crotch which helps keep the shorts from bunching up underneath the harness. Of course, it goes without saying that the Cast Iron fabric (a bulletproof blend of durable nylon and duck cotton) took a serious beating on the rock without complaint. 

What’s next for Gregg and Jon? Some swimming holes and maybe a few dogs at a AAA baseball game (much more Gregg’s speed than dangling off a rock). Although Big Bear Lake seems to be calling their name....

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